Ahmed Moustafa Museum Collections

The Contemporary Islamic Collection
The British Museum

The Oriental Department
Ashmolean Museum, Oxford

The Museum of Modern Arts
Alexandria, Egypt

The Museum of the Faculty of Fine Arts
Alexandria, Egypt

The Islamic Gallery
The National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh

The St Mungo Museum for Religious Art & Life

Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art
Doha, Qatar

The Convention Centre
Islamabad, Pakistan

The Pontificia Universitas Gregoriana
The Vatican, Rome

The National Gallery Sarajevo
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Art & Design Consultancy Projects
Chairman, Fe-Noon Ahmed Moustafa (UK) Ltd,
Research Centre for Arab Art & Design.

Design Consultant responsible for Corporate Identity programmes for:
Arab Petroleum Investment Corporation.
Commercial Bank of Kuwait in collaboration with Pentagram Design
Creator and Designer of Corporate Cultural gift package for
Xenel Industries Ltd, Jeddah.

Designer of numerous symbols and logotypes for Arab corporations.
Islamic Arab Art Consultant & Designer for many private and confidential projects throughout the Middle East.

Commissioned to furnish interiors of many prestigious buildings including:
Conference Centre, Doha Sheraton Hotel
Royal Pavilion, King Abdulaziz Airport, Jeddah
Royal Reception of King Khalid Airport, Riyadh
Private Royal Palaces
Dar Al Fikr School, Jeddah
Other notable buildings in Europe and Arabia contain examples of his creative work.

Founder member and conceptualiser of the SanaSina Group, an organisation dedicated to the creation of a large and unique cultural development programme in the Gulf of Aqaba. In March 1995 appointed member of the Consultative Commission for the UNESCO Arabia – Plan for the promotion of Arab cultural heritage, contemporary Arab creativity, inter-Arab co-operation and greater mutual appreciation between Arab Islamic culture and other cultures of the world.