Ahmed Moustafa Exhibitions

1980 | Islamic Cultural Centre, London
(Inauguration of the Exhibition Hall)
One man exposition.

1983 | Ashmolean Museum, Oxford
One man exposition.

1983 | Biennale, Grand Palais, Paris
Exhibition of Tapestries – group exposition.

1984 | Al ‘Ain University, United Arab Emirates
Retrospective Exhibition.

1985 | Salon des Artistes Francais, Grand Palais, Paris
Small selection of tapestries.

1985 | Palais des Congres, Montreux, Switzerland
“Les chefs d’ouvre d’Aubusson” – 50 Years of Contemporary Tapestries

1985 | Musee Rath, Geneva
Treasures of Islam – Single tapestry (considered to be the only piece of contemporary Islamic art exhibited).

1990 | Royal College of Art London – Henry Moore Gallery
“The Artistry of Arabic Script in the work of Ahmed Moustafa”
Major exhibition of tapestries, oil paintings, water colours, silk-screen prints and stained glass.
Retrospective Exhibition 1 August – 29 October

1993 | Manchester City Art Galleries
“An Alchemy of Letters – The Art of the Pen by Ahmed Moustafa”
24 July – 24 October

1995 | Barbican Concourse Gallery, London
‘Signs, Traces and Calligraphy’ representing Egypt in a Group Show
Part of “AFRICA ‘95′ Arts Programme.
19 September to 30th October 1995

1995/6 | Royal Tropical Museum, KIT, Amsterdam
“Signs, Traces and Calligraphy” representing Egypt in a Group Show
Part of “AFRICA 95” Arts Programme.
12 October – 31 January 1996

1997 | Accademia D’Egitto, Roma
“Calligrafia: La Geometria sacra dell’arte islamica”
March – April 1997

1997 | Royal commission – in recognition of his international renown in the field of Islamic art, and his special position as an Egyptian/British artist based in England, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II presented his major composition entitled “Where the Two Oceans Meet” as a royal gift to the nation of Pakistan to mark the occasion of Pakistan’s fiftieth anniversary.

1998 | Pontificia Universitas Gregoriana, Vatican
“Where the Two Oceans Meet” retrospective exhibition of his work. Invited and hosted by the Vatican, this exhibition was acclaimed world wide as the first and most significant cultural event of its kind throughout the history of Christian-Islamic relations.
30 March – 2nd May 1998

1998 | National Gallery, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
“Where the Two Oceans Meet” exhibition, initiated by President Alija Izetbegovic.
26 August – 26 September

1999 | Museu Diocesà Barcelona, Spain
“Where the Two Oceans Meet”, exhibition at the invitation of the Catalan Institute for Mediteranian Studies.
5 May – 31 May

2004 | Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia
“Mightier Than The Sword”, group exhibition.

2004/5 | UK touring exhibition
“Mapping The Unseen”. Galleries – St Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art, Glasgow; Catmose Gallery, Rutland; University of Herfordshire Galleries, Hatfield; Cartwright Hall Art Gallery, Bradford.

2004/5 | Ackland Art Museum, University of North Carolina, USA
“Five Artists * Five Faiths”, group exhibition.

2006 | British Museum, London
“Word Into Art: Artists Of The Modern Middle East”, group exhibition

2008 | Mathaf Gallery, London
“Seeking An Immutable Essence”, solo exhibition.

2011 | Sundarm Tagore Gallery, New York, USA
“Written Images: Contemporary Calligraphy From The Middle East”, group exhibition.

2016 | Palace of Arts, Cairo / Sharjah Art Foundation, UAE
“When Art Becomes Liberty – The Egyptian Surrealists (1938-1965)”, group exhibition.

2018/9 | Sharjah Calligraphy Museum, UAE
“Mapping Out The Hidden Treasure”, solo exhibition.

2023 | SOAS, London
“The Future of Traditions”, group exhibition.
12 Jan – 25 March