Ahmed Moustafa is an Egyptian born artist and scholar of international repute and now a leading authority on Arabic art and design. Initially trained as a figurative artist in the neoclassical European tradition, and drawing his inspiration primarily from Renaissance masters, he subsequently rediscovered his Islamic roots.

His work is now almost exclusively devoted to abstract compositions inspired by texts from the Holy Qur’an. He has created an astonishingly rich visual vocabulary through an innovative fusion of his skills as a painter and as a master scribe in the tradition of Islamic penmanship.

Ahmed Moustafa has lived and worked in London since 1974 and directs the Fe-Noon Ahmed Moustafa Research Centre for Arab Art and Design, which he established in 1983. 

Eqra - Endless Cosmic Renewal 2019


Divine Perfection

Ya Siin 1 - The Revelation 2011


Cosmic Script

Where The Two Oceans Meet (1997) Iris Print


Building Bridges

3 Cubes Without Space (detail) 1988


In Pursuit of Proportion

The Blue Fugue 1976


Pivotal Migration

Doll and Firebird


Prized Asset