2010׳s Divine Perfection

Ahmed Moustafa integrates his inner experiences with experiences of external reality, with a masterly fusion of classical European painting techniques and the exacting discipline of Islamic Penmanship.

His life-long pursuit of the Divine Perfection is reflected in his wonderful understanding of shapes, numbers and geometry in the cosmos: in his explanation of a single character, which is the fundamental element in calligraphic writing or painting, there is always a head, body and tail. The characters of calligraphic script also are interrelated with relationships of position, direction and interval. With its power to preserve knowledge and extend thought over time and space, the ink of the artist can be compared to the water of life that gives immortality, while the human being is like the pen. In his own words, “Western art deals with the casual, rather than what I call the immutable essence. As Michelangelo said, ‘Good painting is nothing but a copy of the Perfection of God’.”

Ahmed Moustafa 2011
Ahmed Moustafa, 2011

The significance of the pen – and its ability to provide all of humanity with a glimpse of the Divine – stems from the essence of Islam as a continuous, eternal religion: the very first Qur’anic instruction to the Prophet Muhammad was: “Recite in the name of thy Lord … Who has taught by the pen…” (Surah 96, al-Alaq, 1-4). Transcending thought, Calligraphy and Arabic script were developed as a great art upon firm principles and through his works Ahmed Moustafa has demonstrated that he is an exemplar of certain characteristics that encompass perception and belief, harmonising philosophy and eternal truths.

Naming Infinity - 100 minus One - triptych 2013
Naming Infinity - 100 minus One (triptych), 2013
Maturing of Consciousness V1
Maturing of Consciousness (variant 1), 2013
Night Journey, Ascension and the Lote Tree of the Furthest Limits
Night Journey, Ascension and the Lote Tree of the Furthest Limits
Eqra - Endless Cosmic Renewal 2019
Eqra - Endless Cosmic Renewal, 2019