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This section allows you to view the projects that Fe-Noon is involved with, past and present. These are usually published research or illustrated lectures:

The Geometrical Cosmos of Arabic Numbers
Discovering the Archetypal Shapes of Arabic Numerals
Writing was not at the forefront of the cultural priorities which the Arabs were concerned with before the advent of Islam. The culture of the Jahiliyya depended on the role of memory and oral delivery in transmitting everything connected with its history, its arts and its epic tales, and written records were but rarely resorted to.

The Attributes of Divine Perfection
The Concept of God in Islam - Multiplicity in Unity
The subject matter of this project is derived from "The Most Sublime Purpose in Explaining the Attributes of Divine Perfection", the treatise by Abu Hamid al-Ghazzali (450-505 AH / 1058-1111 AD). Published as a bi-lingual book (English and Arabic) it is complemented by the artwork of the Ahmed Moustafa, and is accompanied by a three dimensional artifact of the Cube of Cubes. The project is an objective representation of the inherent relationship between the One and the Many, an embodiment of the well-known hadith ‘God has ninety-nine names, one hundred minus one. Whoever enumerates them enters Paradise.’

Multiplicity in Unity - his visual depiction of the Attributes of Divine Perfection makes the relationship between Unity and Multiplicity immediately accessible through its concrete and tangible form

The hidden dimension of The Cube

It is an uncontested fact that any perfect cube has 6 equal square sides. Everyone is perpendicular to the other in their interrelationship. This however gives rise to the formation of 8 apexes, each one being a meeting point of 3 sides of the cube and at the same time is the top of a triangular pyramid; the base of which is the equilateral triangle constructed by the 3 diameters of the aforementioned 3 sides.