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Ahmed Moustafa's works have received ample coverage in the press and critics regularly marvel at the fusion of Islamic tradition and European influence inherent in the artist's production, often making the observation that his works help to draw together East and West.

Dost Ödülleri Kâbe için verildi
ZAMAN | KÜLTÜR SANAT | Monday, 1st March 2010
Article from Zaman newspaper covering presentation of the Friend Award for serving Islam by the Turkish Women's Cultural Association (TURKKAD) 2010. Written in Turkish.

Grasping the message of Islamic art
TIMES GROUP NEWSPAPERS | Thursday, 4th February 1999
If you try to read the Islamic text in his work you are totally missing the point, says internationally-known Islamic artist Dr Ahmed Moustafa. TONY LELIW investigates.

Islamic art at Vatican
THE TIMES | Wednesday, 1st April 1998
Interior in the Exterior by Ahmed Moustafa, dominates the first exhibition of works by a Muslim artist staged at the Vatican this week.

From Mungo to the Muslims
THE TIMES | ARTS SECTION | Wednesday, 31st March 1993
The opening of a museum of religious life and art on Saturday in Glasgow might tempt some to think that mammon has at last won the battle over God; that religion is history, a subject of curios and artefacts, to be pondered only on a rainy Saturday afternoon when Celtic are playing away.

Inspired by the Divine
I STUMBLED upon Ahmed Moustafa's exhibition Artistry of the Arabic Script at the Royal College of Art in Kensington, Britain, on my way to the Proms Concert at the Albert Hall.

Arabic Script Revealed
AHLAN WASAHLAN | Volume 15 - Issue 5 | May 1991
For specialists and students of Islamic art and Arabic calligraphy around the world, a historic breakthrough is imminent. A book which unfolds and transforms our knowledge of how Arabic letter-shapes relate to one another, producing the harmonious visual expression of one of the world's most beautiful languages, will soon be published.

Scripts which dazzle mind and eye
FINANCIAL TIMES | ARTS | Tuesday, 7th August 1990
To Moslems,
rabic calligraphy is a sacred art, for in this God spoke to the Prophet. To a westerner, calligraphy is the pleasing red and black arabesques that float over the inner surfaces of Ottoman mosques, often not recognised as script at all.

Articles available online:

http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/despatches/71814.stm : Muslim artist exhibits in Vatican - BBC Despatches, April 1998 http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio3 : Interview on Lebrecht Show, March 2004 (this link appears to have disappeared)

http://www.yacout.info/Ahmed-Moustafa-Portrait-of-a-painter_a150.html : Interview with Ahmed Moustafa in Yacout e-magazine, October 2008