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Welcome to Fe-Noon Dr Ahmed Moustafa Research Centre for Arab Art and Design.

Forthcoming events and exhibitions: 



Divine Bedrock of Human Artistry - Tapestry

Mapping Out "The Hidden Treasure"
26th December 2018 - 19th January 2019
Sharjah Calligraphy Museum, UAE

An exhibition of recent work, the "Hidden Treasure" relates to the harmonious nature of the dot and the pen embedded in the "Proportioned Script" as governed by cosmic geometry, enabling penmanship to become the first creative medium in Islam
. More...


Cosmic Script

The Cosmic Script
29th and 31st March 2015

To celebrate the publication of 'The Cosmic Script - Sacred Geometry and the Science of Arabic Penmanship' book by Ahmed Moustafa and Stefan Sperl, two events were held to mark the launch of this groundbreaking work in Egypt at Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Sunday 29th March 2015 and Bayt Al Sinnari, Cairo
Tuesday 31st March 2015. More...

The Art of Writing
3rd - 22nd May 2011
ArtForum Kurhaus Kolonnade, Wiesbaden, Germany

This exhibition of calligraphy brings together the finest representatives of Asia, Europe and predominately, the Arabic world. It focuses on works from the Islamic world, the birthplace of many of the artists, including Ahmed Moustafa, whose identities and works are still virtually unknown in the west. More...


Lecture : The Science of Beauty in the Art of Islam
Dr. Ahmed Moustafa will be giving a presentation entitled "The Science of Beauty in the Art of Islam" at 6.30pm on Wednesday 15th December 2010 at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, Doha, Qatar. More...

Seeking An Immutable Essence
It is exactly 30 years since Dr. Ahmed Moustafa held his first exhibition at the Mathaf Gallery in London. To celebrate this anniversary we are delighted to announce an exhibition of Ahmed's work spanning these years.

Running from 24 September - 17 October 2008, the show will consist of a number of signed, limited edition prints and an original painting. More...

Frolicking Horses

Five Artists * Five Faiths
Currently running at the Ackland Art Museum, North Carolina, Five Artists * Five Faiths: Spirituality in Contemporary Art presents the works of artists who interpret the philosophy and art traditions that emerged from five of the world's major faiths – Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and Judaism. Sooja Kim, Stephen Antonakos, Pamela Singh, Ahmed Moustafa and Helène Aylon are inspired by the beliefs, practices or rituals associated with a faith. Many of the artists also reinterpret the imagery and symbols that evolved along with these traditions. More...

Mapping the Unseen
Mapping the Unseen is a touring exhibition of Ahmed's work which will be showing at the University of Hertfordshire Galleries from 4th November 2004. It will be at this venue until 24 December 2004, then travel to the Cartwright Hall Art Gallery in Bradford, opening there in February 2005, running until April. More...

Mightier than the Sword
Ahmed Moustafa was in the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur in April 2004 to deliver a lecture as part of the inauguration programme for the 'Mightier Than The Sword' exhibition there. Ahmed's work 'Frolicking Horses' featured amongst the exhibits. More...

Where 2 Oceans Meet  

Art, Science and Spirituality
Ahmed delivered a lecture at the Reconnecting Art, Science and Spirituality Within Emerging Planetary Cultures symposium, part of the Melilla Festival of the 5 Cultures in Morrocco during July. The event aimed to help build cultural bridges at this time of cultural tension. More...