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Striking a chord
To enter the Gallery at Fe-Noon is to walk into a living, breathing studio that is at once breathtaking because of the remarkable visual impact of the surrounding images - images that strike an instant chord, infused with rhythm and energy - and also awe-inspiring because of the timeless serenity and harmony.

The eyes are accosted by a riot of colour and shapes that are immediately abstract but ultimately uplifting, ecstatic. Even to the eye unaccustomed to Islamic scriptures or wholly unfamiliar with Arabic letter shapes, the dynamic, swerving forms bring alive the canvas, transcending cultures and barriers.

Invitation to contemplation
Casual observer or trained connoisseur, the themes strike a chord at one level or another, whether metaphysical or spiritual. Everywhere there is evidence of painstaking research: in the composition of the art being exhibited, the fashioned cubes that illustrate the Attributes of Divine Perfection, the heavy tomes that line the shelves, and more.

The work in the studio-gallery goes beyond a devoted Muslim extolling his Creator on canvas. Indeed, on closer inspection, it becomes immediately apparent that much research has been done to make obvious, not only the parallels but also the essential link, between monotheistic religions and to invite and urge greater contemplation of the Unity of all Creation and the Oneness of Being.

Platform for enlightenment
Exhibition space and venerable research study, inside The Gallery the observer is invited to discern the complementarity and harmony in creation depicted, for example, in Where The Two Oceans Meet; academic and enthusiast alike are made to understand Pythagorean mathematics, terminology and correct procedure that underpin the "proportioned script" which is revered as the fountainhead of Islamic calligraphy (the culmination of a doctoral thesis that involved a brilliant tale of sleuthing entitled The Scientific Foundation of Arabic Lettershapes).

While there are clearly many layers of knowledge which inform and illuminate Ahmed Moustafa's art, such knowledge is not the starting point for an appreciation of its essential impact. Ahmed opens a door into the inner realities of Islamic revelation and, by extension, the essential truth hidden in the diversity of all religious experience; a door through which anyone can enter by the exercise of intuition alone, for intuition is innate in all human beings.

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