Springtime | 2000 AD - 1420 AH
oil and watercolour on 100% cotton paper

Scriptorial palette: "The cheerful spring has come, laughing and swaggering, so beauteous that it's almost vocal with joy, and so it's first day nudged the early roses at the twilight, awakening them from their slumber that kept them asleep till yesterday. Their petals opened as they felt the cool dew at the break of dawn, as if it had murmured in their ears a message shrouded in secrecy until that day. And behold the trees that spring has so restored to them their robes of foliage that adorns them sparsely like fine embroidery. The trees that had shed off the scant clothing of Ihram, and thus offering man's eyes a feast forbidden till the bygone day, and the breeze blows so gently that I almost believed that it carried with it the opulent breath of the beloved ones. And life is so joyful under its lofty trees and shade; the leaves further at will, and the shade expands endlessly, and the breeze blows gently over its expanses, carrying sweet scents that heal the sick from their infirmity. For the spring has woven for it from all its prettiness, robes, so beauteous, akin to Joseph's miraculous shirt, that opened the blind eyes of his pious father. A magnificent meadow, so beautiful and magnanimous, with a coat of silk standards, fluttering over its surface."
by Al Buhturi - 205-283 AH / 821-897 AD

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