The Ship | 2000 AD - 1420 AH
Oil and Watercolour on 638 gsm special 100% rag acid free paper Size: 118 x 130 cms
Image size: 72.5 x 80 cm / Paper size: 90 x 95 cm (H x W)

Scriptorial palette: "The water runs rapidly below the ships' bellies, screeching noisily against the tar and solid planks. They swim in it with their bows cutting through the gale. Though if an elephant was driven into it, he'd stop in fear. The masters may have to take them trough straits where the waves hit rapidly against the sides, rushing past them as a herd of camels may be rushed by an astute herder."
by Al-Akhtal - 18-90 AH / 640-710 AD

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