The Falcon | 2000 AD - 1420 AH
Oil and Watercolour on 380 gsm special 100% rag acid free paper Size: 130 x 118 cm

Scriptorial palette: "The true hunt is with the falcon, alert and quick to see, the sharp eyed falcon, distant in flight. He flashes his eye-orbs that bear no scars - no mother fed him on diluted milk. He was born, not on low-lying land, but on the lofty mountain peak. Spare are the feathers on his fore-wing, but compact; speckled between back and throat. Avidly he attacks the fast-leaping desert hares, that he espies, piercing them through with lethal, spear-like claws, and with beak curved in one fierce hook, as they ascend the mountain-side - only to fall prey to the hunter-falcon."
by Abu-Nuwwas - 138-198 AH / 756-814 AD

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